New Co. Cincinnati’s first year provided many diverse members of Cincinnati’s professional ecosystem with intros and insights to a number of important and innovative companies in this city.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to visit every organization hosting a session so for those who may have been interested in First Batch’s but couldn’t, here’s some key points of the session.

Manufacturing in Cincinnati: Cincinnati is an area ripe with manufacturing capabilities and manufacturing here plays a critical part of Cincinnati’s economy. As Cincinnati grows its technological portfolio, it’s easy to focus on the invisible and forget the prevalence of manufacturing  but as it turns out, making things has historically been a pivotal point for Cincy commerce as raw materials and manufactured goods were shipped to and out of Cincinnati through the Ohio and Licking river. While tech is great, Cincinnati is built for builders and holds great opportunities for physical product entrepreneurs.

DSC_0044First Batch Participants: This year First Batch has been working with 4 unique and innovative participant companies: Beluga Shave Co., Paper Acorn, Mortal Ski Company and AVA.

Mortal Ski Company

Mortal Ski Company is a Midwestern ski manufacturer for Midwestern skiers built with quality, passion, and with the skier in mind. They produce skis specifically designed for Midwestern snow and weather skiing conditions.


Paper Acorn

Paper Acorn creates pre-constructed, uniquely designed 3D paper crafts and gift boxes as well as do it yourself crafting kits for the same designs. Jessica has been selling these products very successfully so far and hope to scale the manufacturing to keep up with demand.


Beluga Shave Co.

Beluga Shave’s single edge razor captures the precision and comfort of a barbershop shave in an easy to use, modern style razor. Beluga Shave has already launched a successful Kickstarter campaign with X pre-orders and is looking to start manufacturing.



AVA is making yoga wearables that create traction during hot power vinyasa: this will allow yoga enthusiasts to simplify the process of trying to get traction and will invite people who may be intimidated by excessive expensive yoga equipment.


For more information on this years participants, check out these articles and check up on this blog as we update their progress as their businesses develop and come closer to launch. http://www.soapboxmedia.com/innovationnews/062315-first-batch-starts-2015-class.aspx