Partner with First Batch.

First Batch is designed specifically to showcase the strengths of our city by pairing a talented maker with a skilled, local manufacturer. If this idea speaks to you, here are some ways you can get involved.

Sponsor First Batch

Manufacturing Sponsor

Do you have time and/or materials that you’d like to donate to a local entrepreneur to support their business growth? Your contribution will aid them in the first round of production and creates an opportunity for an on-going partnership.

Financial Sponsor

Are you looking to get more involved with local entrepreneurs and the maker community? With your financial support and expertise, a talented maker will have the opportunity to continue to grow their business while building a lasting partnership with your company.

       Find out more about sponsoring First Batch here.

Share Your Skills

Mentor an Entrepreneur

Do you have skills and expertise that you’d like to share with others working through their project? This is an opportunity for you be involved in a project without making a financial contribution. If you’re interested, you can learn more here.


 Volunteer with First Batch

Do you have a skill that is useful that you’d like to share with the program or our entrepreneurs? Get in touch, we’d love to chat with you! Contact Matt Anthony at Matt(at)

Other ways to get involved

First Batch Backer

Do you know of the potential and skill of manufacturing in our region? Would you like to help build our local economy through product development? Let us know if you’re interested in contributing to First Batch or other potential Cincinnati Made efforts.



Do you know of a project that has potential and you want to be a part of the long-term plan? Let us know and we can help work out terms for a beneficial agreement for all involved parties.


Are you a Cincinnati-area manufacturer who can work in small batches and contract manufacturing, looking to connect with talented designers and makers? Is your company ready to take on new developments and projects with entrepreneurial companies?  Let us know and we’ll do our best to connect you with First Batch applicants and other aspiring entrepreneurs so you can build solid relationships for lasting business success.

Interested in any of these options?

Get a hold of Matt Anthony today at Matt(at)